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Manglam Vastu is based in Haridwar, Uttrakhand. With an experience of over ten years in Aura Scanning, Astrology, numerology, Vastu, Rudraksha, Gemstones.

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Manglam Vastu has a group of top-ranked Vastu, Numerology, Aura Scanning experts of India.



Yogesh Keshwani

Astrologer, Vastu Expert, Aura Analyst

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One of the best Aura Scanner Manufacturers.

Ashok Sindhav

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Manglam Vastu- manufacturer of brass aura scanner, metal aura scanner, ground rods, digital aura scanner, Vastu articles, One of the highly recognized dealers of rudraksha and gemstones.


We at Manglam Vastu, are counted amongst the leading manufacturers of a wide variety of Vastu Article Manufacturers. Our clientele is spread across multiple locations around the globe. We combine fine craftsmanship with modern business practices in order to create the best quality Aura Scanner, Yantras, Geopathic Stress Remove Rod, all types of Pyramids, and other Vastu products